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Is banner advertising still the future?

As a successful online banner advertising producer, Kino Creative have commissioned a series of articles on the future of display advertising, summarised here for Bdaily by Ann Winter.

Is banner advertising still the future?

The controversy around dynamically generated ads, personalised retargeting and their associated cookies is an example of the fast technological progess that gives the web its edge (see our series of posts on the EU Cookie Directives).

Is personalised retargeting ads for SMEs?

Evangelical advertising agencies blog about banner advertising “staying behind”, while the rest of the web “evolved to dynamic content”. Worryingly for their clients, they seem unaware that banner advertising not only boasts superior design but can contain dynamic elements that can be targeted to specific market segments, and crucially for SMEs, are much more cost-efficient.

Brand impact

All brands want the maximum possible eyeballs on a sharply presented, high-impact message. Personalised retargeting itches our impulse to shop, but getting consumers to identify a quality, personality or status with a brand is a marketing triumph.

If we want a new car, designer clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, or even our favourite author’s latest book, will we be swayed by one-size-fits-all templates, with circulating pictures of cars, glass bottles, books, lipsticks, or necklaces, or by expertly manipulated image and text, transforming those objects into life-enhancing treasures?

Who owns your creative?

Brand protection and the right to re-use the creative, is commercial gold. But as far as the current technology goes, dynamically generated ads prioritise tech at the expense of presentation and content.

Personalised retargeting is a young technology and a small part of the online picture. But in our increasingly mobile web with its plethora of devices, how indispensible is banner advertising for growing and nourishing a healthy and robust brand online?

What next?

Read tomorrow’s post on whether Flash banner advertising can breach Fortress Apple and the mobile markets.

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