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And the award goes to……..?

2012 has been amazing year for me so far, and it looks as though the current trend of new clients and exciting opportunities is set to continue. I have been lucky enough to be working on a very exciting project recently for the [Sponsors Club for Arts & Business]( target= “Sponsors Club”). I was commissioned to produce 21 awards in celebration of their 21st Anniversary, which was held at the Great North Museum.

I will give you an update of the evening in the next couple of days as I was lucky enough to attend the event. But for now hear is a visual taster of the award itself.

You will see from the images below my brief was to produce a medallion shaped piece that reflected my creative practice. The final design was based on one of my microscopy images. It is my favourite Fern Leaf design which has been successfully translated into so many different mediums. For Sponsors Cub I was looking for a visual metaphor of a winding road, the fern leaf was a perfect platform for this. The colours (purple and pink) reference the clients logo, and the 21 silver points etched into the surface reference the 21st Anniversary.

The materials used are mirrored pink acrylic and purple and silver stain, and cherry wood on the reverse. The packaging is minimal and shows the final piece off to best affect. I am really proud of this commission which also opens up my new awards service that I am now able to offer. I have loads of ideas for future commissions which I am really excited to explore. Feel free to get in touch should you have any queries or comments here.

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