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Global Fulfillment targets more sales and more jobs after tapping into Add to Cart

A leading pioneer of new health and beauty brands has become one of the first retailers to sign up to a new e-commerce website that is looking to give ‘independents’ a major post-pandemic boost.

Global Fulfillment, which has offices in Birmingham and a distribution hub in the Black Country, is looking to create new jobs and ramp up sales significantly by taking advantage of’s marketing methods that will get their products noticed by more new customers.

The move comes after a strong year of growth for founder Sunny Rai, who has seen his firm’s Groomarang, Glamza and Volumon brands build a loyal following.

“Unlike other sites, it is designed to work alongside our existing sales platforms, such as Shopify, making it easy for us to sign up, get started and to start selling – leaving us to focus on running day-to-day things,” explained Sunny, who started the business in 2013.

“Most of the major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are not geared towards small sellers and make it difficult for them to succeed without spending lots on listings and ads. With Add to Cart, there are no subscription fees and, most importantly, we can leverage all of its back-end marketing and SEO expertise and support to get our products to the top of the online rankings.”

He continued: “Another important feature for us is the ability to control our customer data. This means we get to see who is purchasing our goods and we can then remarket to them afterwards. This data is ‘gold dust’ to an independent retailer.”

Launched by technology entrepreneur Tej Rendeva, Add to Cart already has over 100 businesses and more than 60,000 products listed, generating thousands of online orders for retailers, including beauty, giftware specialists, boutique crafts and food suppliers.

Sellers can sign up completely free of charge, importing all their product details directly from their existing e-commerce platform through a simple, single-step online interface.

Once sellers are on board, they will benefit from a wide range of services, including SEO marketing, paid advertisements, social media campaigning and more - all designed to improve visibility and boost sales.

“The last eighteen months have been extremely difficult for small businesses, with Covid-19 restrictions causing chaos and restricting traditional footfall,” explained Tej.

“Our new e-commerce website will give independent retailers a major boost following the pandemic, providing them with access to thousands of new customers they would not normally get in front of. The trial period has exceeded our expectations and the feedback from users has made us even more confident that we’ve created a vibrant and much-needed e-commerce marketplace.

He concluded: “The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and one of those is the importance of community, both in life and in business. We’re backing the small independent retailers and giving them their own platform to sell and grow.”

Add to Cart will soon be launching a new feature that will allow shoppers to search by locality, encouraging them to support businesses within their communities.

For further information, please visit or follow @addtocart on Twitter. More details on Global Fulfillment can be found at

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