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Three industries that see an Easter boom

2022 is already moving very quickly into spring. That’s why, if you have a business, it’s important to take advantage of the next season. Easter is a holiday that many people celebrate, even if they are not very religious! After all, it’s a good time to meet with family during the Easter break to eat chocolate and make some happy memories together.

Now, there are going to be some industries that will see a boom in their sales during this period. If you are in one of these industries, it’s time for you to prep your marketing game to ensure you get the right customers.

Here are three industries you should keep an eye on as it gets closer to Easter.

The chocolate industry

Who can really enjoy the Easter holidays without some chocolate in their life? In the UK alone, it’s said that there are around 80 million chocolate Easter eggs purchased every year. It’s estimated that most Easter eggs sold are eaten over a period of four days.

Looking back, Easter eggs mainly became popular around 1905. Previously, chocolate was a luxury and difficult to afford. But with the arrival of milk chocolate, families were able to buy it to celebrate the season.

Many people think that the shape of the Easter egg is due to the fact that people used to eat eggs on this holiday. It is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Its shape is steeped in history; however, nowadays marketers don’t have to stick to this traditional image.

Chocolate producers can create many different types of chocolate to satisfy the needs and interests of their clients. For instance, Crosstown offer a new chocolate selection to celebrate the season.

Chocolatiers can make chocolate eggs, animals, bars, and alphabet letters in a variety of flavours. This includes milk, white and dark chocolate. Extra toppings can be added to make the product even more exciting, such as popping candy, caramel or even some hidden chocolate bars inside the egg before it is cracked open.

People are always looking for special Easter chocolates to send to their loved ones. If you offer a wide selection of chocolates for customers to consider on your website, it is likely that you are going to experience a boom. So, make sure your website is updated with categories that can help your clients find what they are looking for. You may also want to offer sales and bulk offers on certain Easter products to make sure you are selling as many items as possible.

One final idea to increase your sales may also be to offer personalised chocolate, so that clients can pick the design on their egg or what type of chocolate they wish the egg to be.

The delivery industry

Although you cannot deliver anything on Easter Sunday, this doesn’t mean that presents, Easter cards and Easter eggs won’t be sent out before that date.

Just like any holiday, family members will want to send each other presents to celebrate the season. For children, this may include a bundle of Easter eggs or small presents that can be hidden in a treasure hunt on Easter Sunday. However, it may be something smaller like a tiny chocolate within an Easter card. No matter what type of courier you are, it is likely that you will receive a surge in delivery orders leading up to the Easter weekend.

If you work in the delivery industry, whether you are a private deliverer or a large international package provider, you will find that you will get more business around Easter time. You may want to offer bulk courier services if clients prefer to send more than one package out.

Make sure to also warn your customers about the availability of your courier services. That way, you won’t run out of delivery slots and can maximise how many customers you have.

The fishing industry

When you think about Easter, you can’t just stuff yourself full of chocolate eggs. Traditionally, Christian families will eat fish around this time every Friday. That’s why those in the fishing industry may also experience a boom in clientele at this time of year. This includes fishermen, seafood suppliers and supermarkets.

Restaurants may also find that their fish dishes become more popular at Easter. If you are a part of this industry, make sure to stock up on your salmon, cod and haddock for this holiday. You don’t just have to sell fish by themselves. Instead, they could become part of a different dish, such as fish pie or fish and chips.

There you have it – just three industries that tend to see particular demand for their services during the Easter period. If you are involved in one of these sectors, are you doing everything possible to get ready for the heightened demand you are likely to see for your products or services?

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