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“Time to reconnect to passion and dreams and rethink retirement” says author

If the word “retirement” conjures up visions of carriage clocks, a picture of a Spitfire, perfecting your golf handicap or a luxury cruise, maybe it is time to think again.

That’s the advice of one entrepreneur and published author who is on a mission to shake things up a little and according to him, it’s not all about the money anymore.

During the pandemic, former corporate commercial director Chris Brown wrote “Leaders Don’t Retire - creating the life you want when you finish full time work”.

Now, as the Boomer generation looks ahead to retirement and others contemplate earlier ends to their full-time roles, he is out to help more people to rediscover their passion, their dreams and crucially, their energy.

Chris explains;

We are at a really exciting and interesting time for the “Boomer” generation in particular. There has been a huge “rethink” and “refinding” across the board at all ages about what drives people as a result of the pandemic and more and more people are not happy to simply settle for the norm.

This is about creating the life you want when you finish full-time work. Far too many people get to retirement age without any clear plans or goals for the future.

Sure, they’ve had all the advice (hopefully) about savings and investments, even the dreaded wills and trusts but how many people have had help with planning what to do next? Crucially, how many people know how to ignite or reignite that fire in the belly, that drive, that energy to pursue their goals?

After publishing his book, Chris began to devise a way to help people take their first steps to a more fulfilling future life. That business became “Nichris People”, using his tried and trusted methodologies to help people get to grips with their new life and the opportunities ahead of them via a range of tools, workshops and programmes to help answer these questions.

As careers start to wind down, a world of new opportunities opens up. It’s exciting…but slightly scary, adds Chris.

Your job provides structure, routine and relationships, along with a sense of purpose and achievement. It also underpins your self-esteem and partly defines who you are. The money helps too!

Letting go of all this, even though it opens up some other attractive options, is bound to make people feel a bit insecure. They also have to think about partners and others close to them – what are their hopes and concerns? They’ve probably watched friends or relatives make the transition and wondered why some have fared better than others.

It all comes down to asking the right questions and I’ve created a free download to help people do just that.

There is no one solution fits all. Everyone has different aspirations and needs. Variety really is the “spice of life”. What’s more, it needs to be happy and fun!

I’m on a mission to help you discover who you are, what you want and how to achieve it, not simply settling for the standard or what society expects. A new career? Why not? A new business? Go for it? More time to travel? Great. Taking up a new language or hobby? Fantastic.

The problem is, not enough people are giving this enough thought in the run up to retirement and in those early stages. Now is the time to be building dreams and visions, not accepting whatever comes. I’m here to help build that future. Everyone has a jigsaw of wants. It’s time to put that together.

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