Actor, Buckso Dhillon-Woolley who is also a Spiritual Life Coach Share 5 Steps We Can All Take Towards Following Our True Purpose in Life and Business

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Actor and Spiritual Life Coach Shares 5 Steps We Can All Take Towards Following Our True Purpose in Life and Business

Actor, Buckso Dhillon-Woolley, who you may have seen on your TV screens on Coronation Street, EastEnders and currently starring as Nabila Adama in season 2 of The Tower on ITV, is preparing to take to the stage at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ at the end of September to share her story of following her true purpose in life.

Here she shares with BDaily 5 Steps We Can All Take Towards Following Our True Purpose in Life and Business.

Years of treading the path others wanted for her, before finding the strength to follow her intuition and purpose, exacerbated deep, unresolved trauma and mental health struggles for Buckso, 50 who is based in Derby, as she suffered internally from not living her life in alignment, which included depression, anxiety, and burnout - until she followed her dream of acting when she was 37.

Buckso said; “I waited until my mid 30’s to follow my true purpose in life and I want to help others do it sooner.” This is why, alongside acting, Buckso is now dedicating some of her time to work as a wellbeing coach and spiritual business strategist.

When Buckso turned 50 in December 2022, she set on a mission to begin to create a legacy that will help others reach their full potential by helping them connect more closely to themselves. She is passionate about stripping back the mask around ‘unspoken’ topics to play her part in using her voice to normalise conversations around ‘taboos’.

She said: “I now also help entrepreneurs and business leaders to change the course of their lives by finding their voice and having the confidence to use it, so that they can travel further along their journey into the unknown, with conviction and a deeper connection to themselves, because I knows what it’s like to live a life that is a lie, wasting years following the wrong path…”

This is why she is taking to the stage at the Bee Inspired Event at Old Trafford, to openly share her story and personal experiences of self-discovery with over 300 entrepreneurs and business people who will be in attendance.

Buckso’s 5 steps to take towards following your true purpose in life:

Step1: Find out why you do what you do? When we realise what our core values are in life, we get to know. WHO we are. Find your top 5

Step2: Take responsibility for your decisions. Once you’ve become more aware of why you do what you do, it’s easier to own it!

Step3: Trust the decisions you make. That way you’re on the road to empowering yourself from the off! And if you’re on board with step 1, you’re gonna find this easy to do.

Step 4: Affirmations are great when they’re done from a place of feeling empowered! You can’t take action if you don’t feel committed to the process.

Step 5: Once you’re in that place of trusting, deciding and feeling stronger, you’re well on the way to stepping into the leadership role within your life/business. So, start showing up AS the leader you are, not from a place of entitlement, but from a place of embodiment!

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