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The powerful impact of merchandising

Pro Ad has enjoyed over 40 years as one of the UK’s leading merchandising companies, and here it’s commercial director, Loren Nardini gives Bdaily readers some advice on maximising brand effort and return. This week he looks deeper into the powerful impact of merchandising.

“Merchandising without doubt stimulates a brand, enticing good feelings, placing your company in people’s minds and encouraging sales. If it is done right.

“If you have got your brand right, and not just the logo, but the reputation, the ethos and the products, then merchandising can be the key to having a major impact on customer action and loyalty. The BPMA for example, state in their latest research findings that water bottles are high on many’s agenda as 74% of people say they would use due to their reusability.

“To do it wrong, with cheap or poor products, or ones that don’t reflect your ethics clearly, can turn people off. According to the BPMA in the same research if things are reusable, environmentally friendly, recyclable or do good for the environment then they are not valued as merchandise.

“The best way to avoid this is to work with a merchandising company who can look at your goals, aspirations, ethics, current and potential customers, and along with your budget in mind, make solid suggestions and give you advice.

“Good marketing strategies should include merchandising, as not only can it increase sales, it can also improve customer care, brand awareness, and staff loyalty. The BPMA has recently shared that 52% of people will recommend a service, product or goods if they have received a branded item they value.

“Whilst promoting your company with branded merchandise is not new, using it to develop your brand strategically is growing more sophisticated and the impact it has is becoming more effective. The world of strong brands gets more competitive every year, and the ones that are winning, making a presence, earning profit are those that give importance to impact from brand merchandising.

“It is a cost effective marketing tool, that creates instant brand recognition, and those products that can be used daily or kept for a long time help get maximum exposure, even a lifetime, and with 51% of those taking part in the BPMA research saying that they would continue to be more engaged with the brand who gave them a good piece of merchandising, it is a marketing tool that clearly should have a budget allocated annually.

“It is a marketing tool that can speak volumes about ethics, with green and sustainable and buy British options. There are a whole host of statistics that demonstrate the power, including that 50% of people use promotional products on a daily basis. Look around where you are sat right now. Mugs, glasses, pens, stress balls, mouse mats, note pads, pencil sharpeners, post-its and much more surround my own desk, what is on yours?

“It is also reported that acquiring new customers costs six times more than retaining an existing one. Use your merchandise to drive that loyalty. Give them a feeling of pleasure that makes them feel warm, and they will rebuy. In fact it is said that 85% of consumers and customers repurchase after receiving a promotional product.

“Finally promotional merchandising is important as it makes you stand out from your competitors, increase morale amongst employees and is a unique way to make people pay attention to your key message. With 7 in 10 marketers using promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness, looking for products that stand the test of time, it obviously has a positive impact.

“If you need help creating, positioning or establishing your promotional merchandising campaign, then do get in touch with our expert team and we will apply the Pro Ad magic.”

This was posted in Bdaily's Members' News section by Anna Toms .

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