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Providing the building blocks to financial comprehension

For those that own or manage a business, one of the most important aspects is making decisions. And the quality of their decision-making is among the most important determinants of the success of the business. So how are these decisions informed? What scoreboards and measurable metrics should business owners be looking at to increase the probability of making better decisions?

Business owners and management teams that understand how to run the ‘business’ end of the business get real results – and business gets easier every year. They focus on improving their critical business skills to create sustainable financial success. They don’t rely on ‘lucky breaks’ and begin to create a business that continues to sustainably improve.

In their new book, Score: Master opportunities, Avoid mistakes, & Build a Financially Successful Business, Amol Maheshwari and Shweta Jhajharia provide the ultimate handbook to help SMEs master the fundamentals of finance, to propel them towards unprecedented success.

Amol and Shweta have worked with and advised over 1000 business owners in the UK in the last decade, which has involved experience with investment banking, consulting and private equity. Through their extensive knowledge, they have learned that businesses do better and sustain improved performance when the leadership team understands how financial success is measured and how different financial metrics impact business performance. In this new financial guide, they draw from their experience to provide invaluable advice to those who need it most.

The authors divide Score into three digestible sections, the first explaining the fundamental building blocks for financial mastery, providing essential knowledge on financial processes and principles. The second section is a step-by-step case study based approach, helping readers to master the building blocks outlined in the first section. Lastly, the final portion brings this fundamental knowledge together to build dashboards and identify the most important drivers that business owners and management teams should focus on. When combined, each element of the book provides a solid foundation for building a financially successful business, where each individual understands the key metrics needed to track performance and growth.

Score was written for those who find themselves in business, but have limited knowledge on the specific language that comes alongside this process. It addresses common struggles and misconceptions about finance, removing the guesswork of running a business. Amol and Shweta aim to eliminate the fear element of money management to provide the building blocks for financial mastery, making it a must read for business owners and senior leaders looking to learn the basics of finance. It ensures that leaders gain not only an enhanced understanding of their own business, but the business world as a whole.

Score is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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