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Invoice Financing: A Lifeline for UK SMEs

Cash flow is the lifeblood that keeps SMEs operational. It’s no secret that for smaller businesses in particular, managing cash flow can be the ultimate challenge. But this is precisely where specialist funding solutions like invoice financing step in to offer vital support.

How Does Invoice Financing Work?

Invoice financing, also referred to as debtor financing or accounts receivable financing, is a financial arrangement that enables businesses to unlock the cash tied up in their outstanding invoices. It’s basically a way of getting your hands on money you’re rightfully owed and due to receive, but may not receive for some time.

A brief overview of how it works:

1. Recognising the Need: Businesses routinely find themselves waiting for payment from clients for extended periods, which can strain their cash flow. The benefits of invoice financing come into play when a company requires immediate access to funds to cover operating expenses or invest in growth opportunities.

2. Application Process: The application process is fairly straightforward, taking place predominantly (if not exclusively) via an online portal. Outstanding invoices are submitted as evidence of viability, after which the finance provider evaluates the invoices and the creditworthiness of the clients who owe the money.

3. Funding Approval: Upon approval, the finance provider advances a significant portion (usually up to 90%) of the total invoice value to the business. This capital can be used for various purposes, such as paying suppliers, meeting payroll, or expanding operations.

4. Client Payment: The finance provider can take responsibility for collecting payment from the borrower’s clients, or they can retain responsibility themselves if preferred. When the client settles the invoice, the provider deducts its fees and interest, if applicable.

5. Repayment: The remaining balance from the invoice (minus the finance provider’s fees) is released to the business once the client payment is received, which can then be used to settle the invoice financing agreement.

6. An Ongoing Process: Invoice financing can be used repeatedly as new invoices are generated, making it a flexible and dynamic solution that adapts to the changing financial needs of the business.

What Are the Advantages of Invoice Financing?

While SMEs have access to various funding solutions, invoice financing (sourced from an experienced provider) can be uniquely flexible, affordable and practical.

Here’s why:

Improved Cash Flow Invoice financing bridges the gap between delivering goods or services and receiving payment, ensuring a steady cash flow. Businesses can meet immediate financial obligations without waiting for clients to pay.

Quick Access to Funds Unlike traditional loans that may take weeks to secure, invoice financing provides rapid access to cash. This agility is invaluable for seizing time-sensitive opportunities or addressing unexpected expenses.

No Additional Debt Invoice financing isn’t a loan; it’s a way to leverage existing assets (invoices) for cash. Businesses don’t accumulate debt, making it a practical choice for maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Flexible Funding Invoice financing grows with your business. As your sales increase, so does your access to funds. You have control over which invoices to finance, tailoring the solution to your specific needs.

Credit Management Finance providers often offer credit management services, helping businesses assess the creditworthiness of their clients. This reduces the risk of late or non-payment, safeguarding your cash flow.

Focus on Growth With reliable cash flow, businesses can shift their focus from managing day-to-day financial challenges to pursuing growth opportunities, perhaps by channeling more capital into marketing, expansion and product innovation.

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