Interview: Founder of Serena Organics, Joe Alabi, on the CBD industry

Mark Adair

Since its legalization, CBD has dominated headlines, being lauded as an answer for pain relief and mental health. In the UK, CBD as an industry is still in its infancy, however it has been forecasted to be worth £1bn by 2025.

One company keen to be a pioneer within the industry is Serena Organics. I got the chance to talk with the companies co-founder Joe Alabi to find out more about his journey in the CBD industry, Serena Organics and the future of the industry.

Serena Organics’ story first started when Joe and his co-founder David were working for a medical cannabis company in the US and Canada. Whilst working in North America, they saw the benefits of CBD in the midst of the continent’s opiod crisis, as well as a growing market for CBD across the pond.

“There were a lot of CBD companies starting out here in the UK, but the quality of the products wasn’t so great. There were a lot of people that would say things like, ‘Well, I’ve tried CBD before, it’s not for me, or, it makes me or it makes me feel groggy, or it gives me headaches. CVD shouldn’t do that. If anything, it should actually alleviate some of those things.

“We realised that there was a lot of people in the UK that just wanted to make a quick buck. So they weren’t really focusing on quality of the products. And we know there are benefits of CBD, of course, but if the quality of products failed, then you’d never really experienced the benefits (of CBD).

“We decided to start Serena Organics as a way of bringing one quality product to the market that people could trust. And to address the misconceptions that people have (surrounding CBD).”

Naturally as a relatively new industry, many people were skeptical of CBD, especially considering its derived from cannabis. This was a hurdle Joe and David were keen to face head on.

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