Pact Coffee and Waitrose bring Rwandan coffee to UK shelves

Pact Coffee has announced that it’s bringing Kibirizi Washing Station’s coffee to UK shelves for the first time.

The light roast speciality coffee will be released in the vast majority of Waitrose stores nationwide from 15th October. It will be stocked alongside Pact’s classic espresso flavours, Bourbon Cream and Fruit & Nut.

Kibirizi Washing Station is a collective of 1,130 farmers that each have less than a hectare of land, on average. It’s common for each farmer to tend to the coffee trees along with fruit and vegetables on their small farms, and the cooperative supports the members with agricultural training, loans, and efforts for gender equity.

Paul Turton, CEO of Pact Coffee, said: “First and foremost, I want to stress that this isn’t about charity. Because these small farms are where you’ll find some of the best tasting coffee cherries around, and it’s a level of quality that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere on UK shelves.

“But the deserved premium that we pay for this coffee goes a long way to improving the livelihoods of the farmers in the washing station. In Rwanda, coffee can be a tool for significant economic change, and we’re thrilled to have Waitrose on board with the mission.”

The Bourbon Cream Espresso and Fruit & Nut Espresso will be on sale with an RRP of £6.95 per 200g bag (ground and wholebean) or 14 x Nespresso® Compatible Pods. The Single Estate Microlot Filter will be available for £7.50 RRP. A promotional offer of 20% off all lines will be running from 16th October to 28th November 2023.

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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