London startup Phizz launch to Boots, Tesco Express, Morrisons & Emirates

Phizz’s growth is being further boosted by sizeable new business wins, in particular the launch of Phizz to Boots nationwide, gaining approval from the pharmacy giant and increased visibility on the high street, the launch comes just after entering Morrisons and Tesco Express.

September also saw Phizz launch to Amazon Spain, shooting to leading place for electrolytes on the platform.

Founder Daniel Cray comments on the launch to Boots, “For years, folks have been expecting to find Phizz at Boots. It’s thrilling that they can now! This high-profile listing in the UK boosts our visibility, adds to our credibility, and solidifies our status as a fast-growing brand that’s here to stay.”

Phizz is at the forefront of a global hydration tablet boom that is catapulting the effervescent category. Multinationals have begun to see the growth potential in the area, with Liquid IV being acquired by Unilever in 2020, now achieving close to 1bn in annual sales, Nuun being acquired by Nestlé Health Science in 2021 and Voost being acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2021.

The increasing use of hydration tablets in the US has been amping up for the last five years, it’s no longer the preserve of elite sportspeople, consumers are beginning to understand that electrolytes and optimal hydration are a foundation for wellness.

Dan says, “We’ve been impressed by the extent to which the US has embraced functional hydration, and we know that the UK has begun to take the same steps to optimise their performance. As a business, Phizz is riding a wave of profitable momentum, with our growth accelerating and profits fuelling our future expansion, we’re glad to be the challenger brand positioned to broaden out the category.”

September saw the rollout of Phizz’s first Out of Home Campaign, which saw a huge spike in the rate of sale in Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The objective of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and to support the launch of Phizz Caffeine Boost in Tesco Express.

Phizz is gaining momentum in the UK market and still has significant growth potential, all while strategically positioning for international expansion. Phizz boasts a global appeal, with strong connections to global brands like Emirates, and having sold to 65 countries through online sales.

Phizz consistently receive requests for international delivery and distribution, signalling strong global interest and immense potential 2024 will see the pace of international expansion gain momentum. Keep watching also for some stellar brand partnerships from the worlds of sports, entertainment and fitness.

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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