Diverse Directors: Insight into the benefits of workplace diversity

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FTSE 350 businesses are paying more attention to diversity amongst their senior team candidates than ever before.

The percentage of seats filled by ethnically diverse directors has risen to 22 per cent. When it comes to gender balance, it has been found that 54 per cent of new board seats have been taken by women, showing that companies are moving in the right direction.

But why is workplace diversity becoming such a priority? One of the most obvious benefits is that organisations can gain precious insight from people with varied backgrounds and experiences.

Impact, a world-leading expert in experiential learning, looks at ways in which diversity can enhance a business’s operations and how it can be implemented effectively.

The advantages of workplace diversity

Building a diverse workplace means employing people of different genders, ethnicities, age ranges, sexual orientations, and education levels.

With a squad of workers from all walks of life, you can truly promote team development and ensure that your company is as efficient as it can be. Here are some of the advantages of embracing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diversity boosts creativity and decision-making

In a world where creativity is crucial to stand out from competitors and other businesses, having a diverse workforce by your side can act as an important ace up your sleeve.

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