New menswear accessory brand opens store in London

Up-and-coming menswear accessories brand GRAMS28 is launching their first brick-and-mortar store in Soho, London.

From the 25th of October 2023 onwards, interested customers will be able to experience GRAMS28’s luxury products and creative philosophy through their independent storefront and browse the brand’s highly-demanded offerings in person.

GRAMS28 has been rapidly capturing the international market through their continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. Throughout 2023, the brand has released a broad collection of innovative and stylish products, winning the attention of fashion-conscious communities globally. Now, the company is continuing its expansion into the UK with the establishment of this store.

“It’s our wish that customers can not only see, but feel and experience what GRAMS28 has to offer at this new store,” stated Benjamin Chan, the founder and principal designer of GRAMS28.

“I’m deeply thankful for the support we have received up until this point, and we aim to continue creating even greater products for all.”

GRAMS28’s first store can be found at 2 Denman Place, London, W1D 7AH in the United Kingdom. The store is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm daily from Monday through Sunday. Customers or interested passersby in the region are welcomed to visit the store and shop, and chat to the staff about any questions or thoughts they may have.

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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