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What is Solus Email Marketing?

In the fast-paced world of business-to-business marketing, finding the best channels to engage with your audience can be challenging. Why not start by landing directly in their inbox

We’ve all ticked that little box to sign up for marketing emails. That’s where solus email marketing comes in. With solus emails, you can reach thousands of readers instantly without spending time and effort growing an email list. Plus, the email focuses solely on your product, so you don’t have to worry about competing for attention. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of solus email marketing, its differences from regular email marketing, and how to get started with solus email marketing with Bdaily.

What is solus email marketing?

Solus email marketing involves sending an email dedicated to your product or service to a select group of subscribers who have willingly chosen to receive marketing emails. Typically, this involves individuals selecting an option such as “I would like to receive offers, promotions and marketing from selected partners” when signing up to hear more from their favorite news outlets, retailers and creators. By checking this box you let the company know that you’re happy to hear from other businesses that provide similar or related products. Therefore, when you send a solus email you are able to reach a fresh audience who are ready to hear from businesses related to their lifestyle and interests.

How does solus email marketing differ from regular email marketing?

In this section, we’ll explore how solus email marketing sets itself apart from other marketing methods, in particular traditional email marketing methods. Here we’ll shed light on its unique characteristics and the perks it offers to businesses looking to reach new people.

100% Share-of-Voice

The word Solus (adj.) derives from Latin and translates to ‘alone’ or ‘by oneself’. And with a solus email, it’s all about you. Unlike traditional email marketing which packages multiple messages in the same email, solus emails put your message in the spotlight. With your message positioned front and centre, it gets the undivided attention it deserves.

Paid placement

Growing your own email list is a great way to send your existing customers news, updates and offers. However, your reach is limited to those who already know about your business. What if you’re looking to reach new customers? With a solus email marketing you pay the owner of an email list to send a message to their subscribers.

By choosing your solus email list and provider based on demographic and behavioural data can help you business read a relevant and interested audience. At Bdaily we’re known for providing the latest regional business news. Our eShot service lets you connect with professionals and small businesses interested in business, making it ideal for promoting networking events, coworking spaces and new business products.

No list building required

With traditional email marketing, you need to build and maintain your email list. Doing this takes time as you need to gradually grow your subscribers to reach new people with your message. Solus emails create a shortcut. Your message can reach a brand new audience immediately by paying to speak to their list of subscribers.

Faster results

With solus email marketing, as soon as your campaign is sent out you can start to see new business trickle in. What’s more, when you set up tracked links for your campaign you can see exactly how much traffic is being driven from your solus email. Comparatively when using your own email list and other marketing strategies it can take much longer to see a significant growth in business.

Getting started with Solus Email Marketing with Bdaily

Now you understand just how solus email marketing works, let’s delve into everything you need to know to start building your solus email marketing campaign with Bdaily.

At Bdaily we offer location-based targeting so you can reach a North East, Yorkshire, London or National audience. Our platform focuses on business news, making our eShots a great choice for reaching business professionals interested in advancing their careers and looking for growth opportunities.

When you purchase an eShot, we’ll get in contact with you to schedule the email to send. Eshots are sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays to an audience of up to 8,000+ subscribers. Once your send date is confirmed you’ll need to send us the content to build your campaign. We recommend the following as a minimum however any additional assets are a bonus to help get the most out of your campaign.

Copy Requirements

  • Email subject line options (minimum of two to allow for A/B testing)
  • Headline options (minimum of two)
  • Email body copy as plain text (200-500 words)
  • Call to action statement (minimum one)
  • A destination link URL (minimum one)

Image Requirements

  • High resolution logo
  • Landscape header image
  • Additional in line images (optional but recommended)
  • All images to be sent as .JPG or .PNG

Additional Requirements

  • Two or more colours to use throughout your content (hex colour codes e.g. #33D7FF)
  • Assets must be received 3-5 business days in advance of the send date to allow for building, testing, proofing and sign off.

Ready to kickstart your solus email marketing campaign? Visit Bdaily Marketing for more infromation and to get started. If you’re looking for more advice or have further inquiries, get in touch with us. Your successful solus email marketing journey is just a click or a message away.

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