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Life Design Strategist's 7 Tips to Help You Make Positive Change for 2024

Life Design Strategist asks how fulfilled we really are in a new quiz set to reveal what’s really standing in the way of us living a life we love, as she launches her dream business having overcome decades of mental health challenges.

Georgie Shears, a 44 year old mum of 2, from Chorlton, who has recently undertaken a change of career from a Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach to Life Design Strategist is excited to have finally found her true passion, and is now determined to help more women tap into their true direction. She said; “It’s just my absolute dream to launch a business doing what fills my heart and helps everybody else fill their heart too. My mission is to help women feel empowered (in the truest sense of the word) – to rise up into their full potential and realise what important, unique, incredible, powerful and valuable human beings they are.”

From being on antidepressants at 14 into adulthood, initially triggered by rejection by her father, then suffering health anxiety as she saw loved ones die, followed by PTSD after giving birth, Georgie has suffered greatly with her mental health over the years, but has come out the other side with a true gusto for life.

A passionate woman, driven by an absolute mission, to get more women in midlife, choosing and living a life they love, Georgie knows what it’s like to feel desperately unfulfilled, to feel depressed, lost, and stuck. She’s been the people pleaser, the party girl and she’s jumped from job to job, bad relationship to bad relationship - one of which left her 50K in debt.

She’s experienced great loss and grief and has witnessed first hand that life is short - and she’s on a mission to encourage midlife women to grab life with both hands, and break free from the limits, created by themselves and others.

She has created her free life transformation quiz to give others the chance to check in on their lives and see what small changes they can make straight away to start creating a life they feel excited about, even amongst all the responsibilities that come with this time in life. Offering free advice and tips for every result Georgie hopes to inspire and motivate more women to reconnect with what truly makes them happy.

She said: “I spent years trying to put a plaster over the gaping holes in my life and it didn’t serve me well. I wasted so much time not being truly happy and I want to help others avoid this. It’s so easy to get stuck on a path, but we don’t have to stay there. At any time we can decide to make a change and this is something I am actively encouraging - because at the end of the day life is too fast and too short. I have seen loved ones die far too young, and I have vowed to make my life count.”

Based in Manchester, Georgie’s clientele hails from diverse industries nationally and internationally, including TV, Advertising, Media, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Entertainment, Fashion, Local Government, and Education.

Georgie passionately embraces her role as a catalyst for women’s transformative growth and firmly believes that it’s her purpose to inspire, guide and equip generations of women with the tools and strategies to foster genuine self belief, dismantle societal barriers and live intentionally to create lives they love, championing the potential for all to thrive. Georgie’s impact resonates far beyond her clients and she’s a long time devoted Trustee of a Charitable Foundation, (The Shears Foundation, set up by her late Father in law, which provides grant funding to charities and CICs). She is also a Trustee of Emmeline’s Pantry, a charity food bank primarily, providing support for some of the most vulnerable women in society, helping them regain their strength and power to make empowered choices moving forward.

Connect with Georgie Shears and ask for her link to take the free life transformation quiz.

Here are Georgie’s Top 7 Tips to Help You Make Positive Change for 2024:

  • Small changes… - If you are living a life that is making you unhappy, be honest with yourself, recognise this, reach out, and commit to taking action to move the dial, because your current state doesn’t need to be your forever reality. Maybe you’re feeling trapped in a job you hate, drowning in debt, stuck in a difficult relationship, or living somewhere you wish you didn’t? It’s very easy to think this is your forever but, this really does not have to be the case. You can start making even small changes, right now, to set the wheels in motion to have a very different future. What small actions can you take to create a different outcome? Identify what you CAN control and what you love doing do more of that, rather than focusing on what external factors you can’t control.

  • Stop putting other people’s happiness or agendas at the centre of your world, and start putting yourself there - Are you someone who is spending their days pleasing, doing everything for others, but forgetting about yourself, or living to other people’s belief systems? If so, recognise this and create some pockets of time just for you, however small at first, to take control back so your life is one driven by you, not others.

  • Remove stressful external factors - Are you negatively influenced watching the news/checking your social media first thing in the morning? Perhaps it makes you feel deflated, uneasy, like you’re failing, out of control, anxious even? Then stop letting these things into your life and start creating your own reality based on how you want to feel. Did you know by watching the negative stuff, you’re actually telling your brain that’s what you are interested in, and it will continue to look for more of those things through the day?

  • Introduce a regular morning meditation or gratitude practice - It doesn’t have to be fancy or long. Just a few minutes in the morning can really change the trajectory of your day. This way, you’ll be starting your day by creating a sense of calm and openness to positive experiences, which your brain will then think you are interested in and start to spot those instead! Try a few of these morning journal prompts; What’s one simple pleasure you’re thankful for? What’s a moment from the past week that brought you a bit of joy? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to today specifically?

  • Commit to learning and growing every day - Even if it’s a 5-minute read or listen to an audio book, podcast, radio show or online course. Feed that brain, grow, progress, take little steps every day into that bright future you are aspiring to.

  • Move your body daily! However or whatever feels good for you; walking, running, gardening, trampolining, bike riding, resistance training… it doesn’t matter what. Missing this bit out is one of the worst things you can do; it contributes to lower energy levels, lower mood, increased anxiety, possible weight gain and increased health risks over time

  • Remember, except for the serious stuff like unexpected health issues, nothing in this life just happens. The things that happen are a direct result of the choices you make and actions you take, every single one. You can either choose to let life happen to you, or you can make an intentional choice to create the life you want, make life happen for you.

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