Callum Mather, Founder of Everdurance.

Sustainable North East business opens ‘Eco Gifts for Christmas’ shop in Durham

To kick off Bdaily’s 12 Days of Christmas, we hear from North East based eco-friendly packaging specialist Everdurance, which has announced the grand opening of a pop-up shop in Durham called “Eco Gifts for Christmas.”

This marks a significant milestone for the brand, spotlighting growth, innovation, and a diverse portfolio of eco-conscious products. The pop-up shop reflects Everdurance’s commitment to the planet, showcasing various consensus eco-friendly products made from recyclable materials.

From stationery to eco-friendly materials, winter clothing, umbrellas, picnic essentials, and diverse sustainable packaging, including carton water, and beyond, this showcases the ‘fusion of sustainability and style’.

Callum Mather, Founder of Everdurance, commented: “At Everdurance, we’ve cultivated a vision where sustainability meets sophistication. Our pop-up shop Eco Gifts for Christmas in Durham is a celebration of the collective effort towards a greener, more responsible future.

“We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response from our clients and the community, showing the need for businesses with an eco-conscious ethos. Everdurance acknowledges and applauds the community’s dedication to encouraging a sustainable society.

“This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable support of Durham Council and Prince Bishop Place. Everdurance extends heartfelt gratitude to them for believing in our mission to make this milestone possible.

“This celebration isn’t just ours; it belongs to everyone advocating for sustainable living. We’re grateful for the support that has propelled us to this moment. It’s been an incredible turnaround so far; this exceeded our expectations. We’re proud that many share our sustainable ethos. Thank you for the support shown.”

The Everdurance team invites everyone to join the event, promising an ‘immersive experience’ that reflects their dedication to eco-friendly lifestyle. A spokesperson concludes: “Embrace the opportunity to explore a world of eco-friendly marvels while supporting a business dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.”

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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