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Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12: The Turntable That Bridges the Analogue and Digital Worlds

Pioneer DJ has just thrown down the gauntlet with the PLX-CRSS12, a revolutionary turntable that shatters the barrier between the warm vinyl experience and the convenience of digital music libraries. This hybrid beast marks a new era for DJs, offering the best of both worlds and igniting creative possibilities like never before.

Hybrid heart, analogue soul

The PLX-CRSS12 is the world’s first turntable to seamlessly blend analogue vinyl playback with tone-arm-free DVS control. That’s right, you can scratch and mix your classic records with the tactile satisfaction of physical grooves, then switch gears and unleash the power of your digital library through compatible DJ software like Serato DJ Pro or Rekordbox. This opens up a universe of sonic exploration, allowing you to seamlessly blend old and new tracks, trigger samples, and manipulate audio on the fly, all from the same trusty deck.

Performance unleashed:

But the PLX-CRSS12 isn’t just about blending formats; it’s about amplifying your creativity. Four strategically placed performance pads sit below the platter, ready to be your command center. Trigger hot cues, launch samples, or even control effects, all with the tap of a finger. These pads aren’t just buttons; they’re customisable extensions of your musical expression. Map them to your favourite functions, unleashing a torrent of sonic possibilities.

Built for the stage

The Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 isn’t just a novelty; it’s a tour-grade workhorse. Pioneer DJ has built this turntable with the demands of professional gigs in mind. The direct-drive motor delivers rock-solid stability, ensuring your tracks stay locked even during the most aggressive scratches. The high-fidelity sound reproduction faithfully delivers the warmth and depth of your vinyl, while the sleek design and robust construction make it a reliable onstage companion.

More than just a turntable

The PLX-CRSS12 is a statement. It’s a declaration that DJs don’t have to choose between analogue and digital. It’s a portal to a world where limitations are replaced by possibilities. If you’re a DJ who craves sonic freedom and boundless creativity, the PLX-CRSS12 is more than just a turntable; it’s an invitation to redefine your sound.

Key features:

  • The world’s first hybrid turntable supports both analogue vinyl playback and tone-arm-free DVS control
  • 4 customisable performance pads for triggering hot cues, samples, and effects
  • Direct-drive motor for rock-solid stability
  • High-fidelity sound reproduction
  • Sleek and robust design

How DJ Finance can help

With DJ Finance, you can own the PLX-CRSS12 and unlock its hybrid power for a low monthly payment. Choose from flexible terms ranging from 6 to 36 months, letting you fit the turntable into your budget comfortably. Imagine dropping beats on your new deck while the payments seamlessly integrate into your financial flow.

On top of flexible terms, DJ Finance offers 0% APR on shorter loan periods (6 and 12 months). This means you can take home the PLX-CRSS12 and start experimenting with its digital and analogue playground without incurring any additional interest charges. It’s essentially like spreading the cost over several months without paying a penny extra.

A quick decision

Applying for DJ Finance is a breeze. Head over to, choose your desired PLX-CRSS12 configuration, and select the “DJ Finance” option at checkout. Fill out the quick and easy online application, and you’ll receive a decision within minutes. There is no need for lengthy paperwork or complicated credit checks.

The final scratch

The Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 isn’t just a game-changer; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a testament to the future of DJing, where technology enhances, not replaces, the tactile, soulful experience of vinyl. If you’re ready to unleash your inner sonic architect, the PLX-CRSS12 is waiting to be your instrument.

So, step up, DJs. The future of sound is here, and it’s spinning at 33 and ⅓ rpm.

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