Pay Park Zone by Gala Technology
Park Pay Zone by Gala Technology

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Gala Technology's Park Pay Zone: From Coin Chaos to Cashless Convenience

Gala Technology, a leader in digital payment solutions, today unveils Park Pay Zone, a groundbreaking parking payment service, born from a blend of necessity and innovation.

The Genesis of Park Pay Zone

The journey began when CEO Jason Mace acquired a property with a car park, equipped with an unreliable, coin-operated pay-and-display machine. Frustrated with the machine’s frequent outages and the paltry income of £4.75 from a malfunctioning system, Mace saw an opportunity for improvement. “This challenge led us to rethink parking payments. We needed a reliable, greener, and more efficient solution,” Mace remarks.

Innovation Through In-House Development

Refusing to settle for high-commission third-party services, Mace directed his team to develop an extension to the acclaimed SOTpay payment technology. The result was Park Pay Zone - an innovative system leveraging QR codes for quick and secure transactions via credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and mobile banking apps.

From £4.75 to £2000: A Success Story

The implementation of Park Pay Zone transformed the once underperforming car park into a lucrative asset, with potential monthly earnings soaring to £2000. “This turnaround isn’t just a success for us; it empowers any car park owner to monetize their space independently, without external contracts or sharing profits,” explains Business Development Manager, Christopher Evans.

CTO Steve Biggs on Technological Excellence

Steve Biggs, CTO, adds, “Park Pay Zone exemplifies our commitment to technological excellence and user-centric design. It’s simple yet powerful, offering a hassle-free parking experience for users and a profitable, sustainable solution for owners.”

About Gala Technology

Gala Technology, founded in 2015, continues to redefine the landscape of digital payments. With Park Pay Zone, the company furthers its mission to simplify and enhance payment processes across various sectors.

For more information about Park Pay Zone visit the website.

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