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What Industries use SCARA Robots?

SCARA robots, short for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm, are rising stars in the world of automation. Their unique blend of speed, precision, and flexibility makes them a prime choice for a wide range of industries. But where exactly are these nimble arms leaving their mark? Let’s take a journey across the industrial landscape to discover the diverse applications of SCARA robots:

Electronics Assembly

Picture the intricate dance of tiny components on a circuit board. SCARA robots excel in this delicate realm, performing tasks like picking and placing chips, soldering connections, and assembling complex electronic devices with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Food and Beverage Processing

From packing delicate pastries to handling fragile fruits, SCARA robots bring gentle efficiency to the food and beverage industry. They can precisely fill containers, sort products according to size or colour, and even apply intricate icing designs to cakes.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Accuracy and sterility are paramount in the pharmaceutical world. SCARA robots handle these demands with aplomb, precisely dispensing liquid medications, manipulating sensitive vials, and ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality control.

Automotive Production

From welding car parts to applying sealants and adhesives, SCARA robots contribute to the smooth flow of modern automotive production lines. Their compact size and manoeuvrability make them ideal for working in tight spaces, while their precision ensures consistent and reliable results.

Packaging and Material Handling

Whether it’s stacking boxes, palletising goods, or labelling products, SCARA robots bring tireless efficiency to the packaging and material handling industry. They can handle repetitive tasks with speed and accuracy, freeing up human workers for more complex roles.

Beyond the Familiar

The reach of SCARA robots extends far beyond these core industries. They’re finding applications in diverse fields, like:

Medical device manufacturing: Assembling delicate surgical instruments and other medical equipment.

Cosmetics production: Filling tubes, applying labels, and packaging cosmetic products.

Laboratory automation: Handling samples, mixing chemicals, and performing repetitive tasks in research settings.

The Allure of the SCARA

So, what makes SCARA robots so desirable across industries? Their appeal lies in a combination of factors:

Speed and precision: Their lightweight arms and advanced control systems enable them to perform tasks with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Flexibility: Their compact size and range of motion allow them to operate in tight spaces and adapt to different tasks.

Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other types of robots, SCARA robots are relatively affordable, making them an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Ease of programming: Their user-friendly programming interfaces make them accessible even to operators with limited technical expertise.

Epson – The #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world for more than 10 years

Epson is the global leader in robotics technology, providing an amazing blend of high performance and ease of use. Epson Robots, backed by a global reputation for dependability and exceptional service, are delivering highly productive, automated production to an ever-expanding spectrum of sectors throughout the world.

Epson offers a wide range of industry-leading SCARA robots, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Whether you’re considering the entry level, low cost T-B Series, the versatile G-Series, the high-powered GX-Series, the cost-effective LS-B Series, or the dynamic RS-Series, our robotic options redefine the boundaries of automation equipment.

T-B Series

Experience a revolution in addressing space constraints with the T-B Series. These all-in-one robots, equipped with a built-in controller and end-of-arm tooling power, effortlessly eliminate spatial limitations. Installing in minutes, these compact wonders boast the same intuitive Epson RC+ and RC+ Express software, along with powerful features from Epson’s premium robotic offerings.

**G-Series **

Unlock a realm of choices with the G-Series Robots, offering over 300 models for unparalleled flexibility. Featuring the new Max-E work envelope design, curved arm options for the G3, and the Max-R high-performance arm rigidity design, these robots stand out in variety, features, and performance, providing a powerhouse solution for diverse applications.


Elevate your automation game with the GX-Series, a class of high-power-density SCARA robots built on 40 years of expertise. Delivering next-level performance and flexibility, these robots cater to unique automation needs. With multiple arm configurations and high throughput capabilities supporting heavy payloads, the GX-Series ensures precision in accomplishing the most demanding tasks.

LS-B Series

Discover the ideal balance of cost-effectiveness and high performance with the LS-B Series. Engineered as a low-cost, high-value factory solution, these robots leverage various budget-friendly technologies, including the innovative RC90B controller. Packed with outstanding performance, flexibility, and reliability, the LS-B Series offers features such as PowerDrive Technology, Vision Guide, .Net connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus, and more.

**RS-Series **

Unleash the potential of SCARA+ Robots with the RS-Series, redefining the landscape of robotic capabilities. Beyond traditional SCARA robots, they exhibit a unique ability to move the second axis underneath the first, expanding their reach throughout the entire workspace. With repeatabilities down to 0.010 mm and cycle times of .339 seconds, the RS-Series combines work envelope and speed advantages. Explore the Epson Advantage and envision how RS-Series SCARA+ Robots can elevate your next application with a personalised cycle time mockup.

The Future of the Flexible Arm

As technology advances, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and versatile SCARA robots emerge. Integration with artificial intelligence and vision systems will further enhance their capabilities, opening up new possibilities for automation across an even wider range of industries.

So, the next time you encounter a seemingly magical robotic arm performing a delicate task, remember the humble SCARA. These versatile machines are silently transforming industries, one precise movement at a time.

In conclusion, SCARA robots are not just industrial workhorses; they’re game-changers, reshaping industries and paving the way for a more efficient and automated future.

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