Northumbria-led research and innovation project secures new European funding

A global research and innovation project led by Northumbria University since 2017 has secured a further four years of EU funding worth in excess of €1.5m (approx. £1.3m).

Global and Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 (GETM3) was an international consortium of higher education institutions and businesses undertaking research and staff exchange projects to explore why employers across the world can struggle to recruit and retain younger generation employees.

In particular, the research investigated why many young people experience instability in their career, despite being highly educated and entrepreneurial, and at the same time why employers often report a skills mismatch and difficulties in recruiting and managing young talent.

Based on its success, GETM3 has now been replaced by GETM4 to continue and expand the international research and staff exchange work for another four years.

Led again by Northumbria, GETM4 has secured €1.5m from the EU’s key research and innovation funding programme Horizon Europe, plus an additional €130k (approx. £111k) from the Korean Research Foundation, who are long-standing partners on the project.

As well as updating and expanding its aims, GETM4 has also extended the original European and Korean consortium into Africa (Kenya), South America, (Chile) Northern and Southern Europe (Estonia and North Macedonia), creating a global team of high-quality universities and industry partners.

Professor Alison Pearce, Principal Investigator and Project Lead for Northumbria University at Newcastle Business School, commented: “GETM3 was a highly successful project, despite being severely disrupted by geopolitics and pandemic lockdowns.

“We are delighted not only to maintain but to expand our successful research and innovation consortium into new countries and continents and to be asked to lead this endeavour once again.

“GETM4 is an ambitious extension of a 15-year collaboration between European and Asian universities and I’m delighted to be working with Northumbria colleagues Professor Mark Bailey in the Design School, Dr. Alan Godfrey in Computer Science and Alejandra Vicencio in Graduate Futures.

“We will be able to deepen existing partnerships while developing new ones, creating opportunities to internationalise our research on a truly global scale with even greater funding from Horizon Europe”.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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