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Crampton & Moore explores developing world of TV technology

South Yorkshire home entertainment specialist Robert Moore been given a window into the next generation of television technology.

Robert, the managing director of TV, appliance and kitchen company Crampton & Moore, was among the delegates at CES, the annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas Nevada.

The event - billed as the most powerful tech event in the world - hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry and is hailed as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.

For companies like Crampton & Moore, it is an opportunity to explore the quickly-developing world of home entertainment.

And one of this year’s eagerly anticipated innovations was a screen which, when inactive, looks like a simple pane of glass. 

“The see-through screen from LG was one of the most talked about developments at this year’s show,” said Robert.

“But it was just one of many innovations that will take the home entertainment industry to levels that would once never have been thought possible but which now have a very strong chance of coming to market.

“One of the concepts that is already arriving is the way in which speakers can now be embedded behind the screen, with the sound following the action on the screen creating an enhanced viewer experience.

“There is also work being carried out all the time on increasing picture quality - the holy grail of the industry is making the image as realistic as possible and that means increasing the number of pixels.

“Most of the TVs we are selling now have 4k pixels but that is moving to 8k and in theory you could go as far as 64k.

“The technology is already there but it does depend on even greater internet connectivity and a growth to 8k and 16k at that end.

“Looking even further into the future, they have been talking about hologram entertainment for years now and all the indications are that it might come as the technology improves.”

Crampton & Moore is firmly established across the north, with its flagship showroom and sales centre at Waverley, between Sheffield and Rotherham, as well as stores in Leeds and Harrogate.

“We are a 100 per cent family-run independent business but our track record has made us a national retail leader and now we have the premises at Waverley to match that reputation,” Robert said.

“That is why it is so important for us to be able to attend events like CES, which really does place us on an international platform.

“This is a worldwide event that is thoroughly concept driven and is a major industry networking event, a great opportunity to catch up with the many brands we are dealing with.”

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