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The Future of Secure Digital Payments Unveiled!

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Securafone Launch Shakes Up the Payment Industry: Gala Technology Pioneers the Ultimate Solution to End Telephone Payment Fraud

In an innovative leap forward for digital payment security, Gala Technology today announced the launch of Securafone, a cutting-edge service designed to redefine the standards of telephone payments for businesses globally. With the PCI DSS V4 compliance deadline looming on March 31, 2024, Securafone emerges as a crucial tool for companies aiming to enhance their security protocols and comply with stringent industry regulations.

A Revolution in Payment Processing

Securafone by Gala Technology is not merely an enhancement of existing payment methods; it is a transformative approach that addresses the core challenges of chargebacks, PCI DSS compliance, and high rates of cart abandonment. Jason Mace, CEO of Gala Technology, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, "Securafone is a game-changer for businesses worldwide. It tackles head-on the prevalent issues undermining operational efficiency and profitability, ensuring secure, uninterrupted payment experiences across various channels. Our commitment to brand protection and team empowerment has never been stronger." This innovative service marks a significant departure from traditional DTMF technology, which, despite being PCI compliant, falls short in adequately protecting against security breaches and operational inefficiencies. Securafone fills this gap by offering a secure and seamless payment process, thereby fostering consumer trust and loyalty—a critical factor in today's competitive business landscape.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience

Highlighting the operational benefits of Securafone, Chris Evans, Business Development Manager at Gala Technology, said, "Securafone significantly simplifies the PCI DSS compliance process, reducing both the complexity and costs associated with it. By offering a smooth payment experience across multiple communication channels, we're addressing the alarming cart abandonment rate of 78.1%, ultimately boosting customer service and satisfaction."

The solution's introduction is timely, providing businesses with a safer revenue stream by addressing issues like friendly fraud and chargebacks. This not only enhances

profitability but also alleviates the substantial financial and administrative burdens many companies face today.

Seamless Integration for the Digital Age

Securafone's seamless integration capabilities are a testament to Gala Technology's forward-thinking approach. Compatible with a wide range of cloud contact centre solutions, CRM systems, and payment service processors, it ensures smooth integration with major payment gateways and accounting software, including Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks. Jamie Parkin, Business Sales Executive at Gala Technology, noted, "This level of adaptability marks a significant advance in payment integration technologies, paving the way for a more secure and efficient digital payment ecosystem."

Setting a New Benchmark in Payment Solutions The launch of Securafone sets a new benchmark in digital payment solutions, underscoring Gala Technology's commitment to revolutionising the industry. By providing businesses with the tools needed to safeguard customer interactions across multiple channels, Gala Technology is not only enhancing digital transaction security but also fostering enduring consumer trust and loyalty.

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Gala Technology is a leading innovator in secure digital payment solutions, dedicated to protecting customer interactions and simplifying payment processes. Their award-winning services empower organisations to navigate the complexities of PCI DSS compliance, chargebacks, and digital payment security, reinforcing their position as industry leaders in enhancing customer experiences and operational excellence.

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