James Maguire and Eimear Maguire from Maguire Family Law.
(L - R): James Maguire and Eimear Maguire from Maguire Family Law.

Family law firm opens fourth office in Manchester city centre amid ‘surging demand’

Maguire Family Law, a divorce and family law firm with specialisms in high net worth, international, and child abduction cases, has strengthened its presence in the North West with the opening of a fourth office, located on Brown Street in Manchester city centre, in response to surging demand for its services.

With existing offices in Altrincham, Knutsford, and Wilmslow, the firm has experienced strong and sustained growth since it was established in 2010.

James Maguire, founding director, believes that a combination of increasing awareness around the traits of narcissists and corresponding legislation relating to coercive control, coupled with the relentless volume of content posted by influencers on social media depicting aspirational ideas of marriage, has contributed to a flood of people deciding to leave their marriages.

James explained: “We’ve been growing organically since our launch in 2010 but the past 18 months have seen a notable surge in demand from both UK and overseas clients. What we initially thought might be an isolated spike in enquiries has become a sustained trend.

“Social media has undoubtedly played a part, churning out content which purports a ‘have it all’ paradox, people see the apparently perfect lives of influencers and believe married life will be just like that. When they realise this is an unrealistic and unattainable vision, disappointment and pressure set in.

“I also believe that greater awareness about both narcissism and coercive control, has legitimised peoples’ motives for ending a marriage. In short, the days of putting up and shutting up are long gone.”

Although divorce has driven the decision to open the latest office, Maguire says demand for the firms’ other services are also hitting record levels and doesn’t rule out the possibility of opening further offices in the region and beyond.

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