Veritas Solicitors' new Head of Auditing, Tayy Ara.
Veritas Solicitors' new Head of Auditing, Tayy Ara.

Northern law firm grows auditing division with new hires amid “rapid expansion”

A Northern law firm is bolstering its auditing division as part of a company-wide expansion. Veritas Solicitors in Manchester is looking to grow the department which seeks to optimise its legal strategies and enhance performance.

The firm is hoping that expanding the team will help further maintain its high standards of legal service while also identifying areas for improvement. The new Head of Auditing, Tayy Ara, is an experienced professional in the field and has vast experience with compliance and regulatory requirements.

She commented: “Veritas currently benefits from an exceptional array of legal talent. I am thrilled to join the team and contribute to the continuing success and growth of the firm.I am coming to Veritas Solicitors at a time where they are enjoying a remarkable period of growth.

“As I step into the Head of Audit role, I am eager to drive meaningful impact and innovation within our firm.”

Since obtaining her law degree in 2013, the 33-year-old has experience in a range of sectors, from corporate law to legal expense insurance services.

Tayy has worked on several important initiatives over the last decade, with her work on domestic abuse in minority communities previously being quoted in a journal for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She similarly worked on a specialised government contract to provide legal support in line with an initiative aiming to tackle bullying and harassment in the Houses of Parliament.

The lawyer has gone on to become an authority in crafting detailed reports that outline findings, highlight areas of improvement, and propose effective solutions to mitigate legal risks, which will help her thrive in her new position at Veritas Solicitors.

With her experience, she is planning to provide in-depth analysis on case progression, successes, areas for improvement, guidance to paralegals and management staff and implement additional quality control measures to maintain the firm’s high standards.

Tayy continued: “The expansion of the auditing division is a testament to Veritas’ unwavering commitment to excellence. And I am excited to spearhead initiatives that deliver unparalleled value to our clients. 

“The Audit division will play a major role in upholding and maintaining the firm’s legal integrity and I look forward to fostering a culture of collaboration, development, and success.”

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