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Energy Management Sparks New Life at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

ClearVUE.Business is thrilled to join its partners at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in celebrating a groundbreaking conservation win with the birth of their incredibly rare Black Rhino Calf, Rocco.

Baby Rocco is one of the rarest mammals on Earth, after the global population of his species, the Eastern Black Rhino, plummeted by 96% following relentless poaching in the 1990s. 

To prepare an optimal habitat for the new arrival, Yorkshire Wildlife Park used ClearVUE.Zero, an energy management solution that monitors vital energy information in real-time. The ongoing, live information is displayed in a user-friendly platform, allowing staff to keep a close eye on vitally important equipment, constantly monitoring energy consumption and carbon levels. 

ClearVUE.Zero’s monitoring equipment will now continue to monitor the rhino house and the outdoor shelters, where Rocco, born on 16th January, is exploring with youthful curiosity alongside his mum, 7-year-old Najuma. 

This technology will also reduce Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s environmental impact, since it monitors carbon emissions from the Park’s various assets. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is working closely with ClearVUE.Business’ sustainability consultants to plan actionable steps towards reaching net zero emissions.

“Rocco's birth is not just a celebration but a crucial step in the species' survival. Our adoption of ClearVUE.Zero technology represents our attitude to wildlife conservation, which has always been forward-thinking. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to use innovative technology to preserve our world for future generations,” Neville Williams, Director of Sustainability said. 

Leah Barrett, Director at ClearVUE.Business, added: “ClearVUE.Zero's involvement in Rocco's story exemplifies ClearVUE.Business's mission, which goes beyond energy management. It's about empowering crucial conservation work, where energy efficiency plays a critical role in the welfare of animals and the sustainability of the planet. As Rocco grows, he will not only become a favourite among visitors but also serve as a living testament to the power of integrating technology with conservation.”

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