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£25m Boost For Scientific Research

State-of-the-art DNA databases to fight global crime and oxygen-free sealed picture frames to preserve priceless works of art are just some of 29 innovative projects across the UK to win funding from a £25m DTI fund to turn public sector research into commercial success. The projects, have been awarded the cash through the third round of the Public Sector Research Exploitation (PSRE) fund to market their cutting-edge research.

The successful projects include: £450,000 to the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham to develop a commercial DNA database package so police and governments can store, search and match forensic DNA profiles; £381,000 to the Sea Mammal Research Unit in St Andrews to develop monitoring devices to fit on marine animals, such as seals, to track shipping, buoys and sea platforms remotely; £421,655 to the Tate to develop sealed picture frames that protect priceless works of art from light damage; and £430,000 to the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington to develop its expertise in emissions detection and monitoring to meet the needs of commercial markets in fields such as security, pharmaceuticals, landfill and nano-manufacturing.

Alan Johnson said: “Without this vital financial support much of the cutting edge research taking place in public sector organisations might never make it out of the lab. The fund helps bright ideas bear fruit and become commercially viable products and services.” The Public Sector Research Exploitation fund was set up in 2001 to help public sector organisations including research council institutes, government laboratories, NHS Trusts and major museums and galleries to market their research.

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