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Broadband Rescue Package For North East Firms

Regional development agency One NorthEast has joined forces with The North East Regional Portal to provide a rescue package to help get businesses back online after a European-based satellite broadband firm withdrew its service with just a few hours notice. Aramiska – a major provider of broadband via satellite – recently pulled the plug on its service, leaving hundreds of customers without internet access, particularly in the remotest parts of the region.

One NorthEast is now working with The North East Regional Portal to organise efforts to get North East customers back online. The rescue package has already seen half a dozen businesses re-connected with alternative broadband suppliers. One customer, Matt Boyle, a resident at Hepscott Park, a small village outside Morpeth in Northumberland, was left with just hours to find an alternative provider.

He said: “The satellite connection is installed in 13 homes and supports six small businesses at Hepscott Park. Our location means that satellite is the only viable broadband technology and broadband access is critical to us. Many of us rely heavily on the Internet to run our businesses. It was a shock when Aramiska pulled the plug without warning. “One NorthEast and the Regional Portal originally funded our satellite connection.

As soon as they discovered that Aramiska had disconnected us, they stepped in installed a new system to get us online.“ Malcolm Corbett, chief executive of the Community Broadband Network (CBN), said: “As many as 200 businesses and community broadband networks throughout the UK have been directly affected by the closure. “One wireless Internet service provider has 36 villages currently without online access.”

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