Michael McMeekin January 2012

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A week of 60 second listening tips

A week of listening tips – part one

Listening skills on the phone are something that we take for granted and we assume that because we hear someone talking we are listening. To be a good salesperson we need to have good phone skills as we can’t see the other person we are talking to so we need to focus and listen effectively.

The problem is there are certain things that restrict our ability to listen properly while using the phone. One example is that we could be calling someone at the end of a hard day and we just go through the motions. Another example could be distractions and background noises in the office. Each of these examples can cause us to possibly miss important information the customer is giving us which can give the impression that we aren’t listening.

Listening is very important and it is something I am going to focus on over the next five days to help you overcome any distractions and fatigue you may have when using the phone

The simple techniques may be something that you are aware of and in fact you may be already using but they may be techniques that you have forgotten or don’t use so let’s get started click here for part one of ‘A week of listening tips’

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