The Impact of Leadership on Better Team Decision Making

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Strong team decision making is key to any productive team. Without the right decisions, mistakes happen. Without the correct speed of decision making, the project either grinds to a halt, or moves too quickly causing issues.

Even though the quality of decision making within your team can literally make or break your success, we rarely pay attention to how we make decisions – in this mini-series, we are going to break it down into easy, actionable steps.

Before you can elevate the decisions of your team, you have to consider how you make decisions as the leader, and what that teaches your team. Without strong leadership, teams often struggle to make good decisions. As a leader, especially as your team grows, it can be difficult to find a balance in your team decision making. Of the leaders we work with – they are either striving for consensus which slows down decision making, or on the other end of the scale, they take on all of the decision making, overloading themselves and leaving others feeling a lack of ownership and empowerment.

There are a lot of models out there about how to make better decisions, but at the root of really solid decision making is discovering the motives behind your decisions. In this post we are going to focus on some key questions you can ask yourself to sense check your decision making, and in doing so, make better decisions for your team.

Am I seeking reward or validation?

It is important to detach yourself from reward or validation in order to really make objective decisions. Often we have to make decisions that aren’t popular, but are for the greater good of the business, or team. This could look like:

Motive Based Decision: “I don’t really agree with that new policy, but since it came from the Managing Director, I should just roll it out because he will be happier if I don’t question it.”

Conscious Decision: “I don’t think that policy will work from my experience, and from things I have witnessed with the wider team, I am going to feed that back to the MD, and request we sit down and discuss a different solution.”

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