Do we have a Covid hangover?


The fallout from the pandemic continues to make headlines. From the big resignation, which reportedly saw 25 million Americans leave their jobs in the second half of 2021, to a large UK study of work happiness that found 36 per cent of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Unprecedented was named word of the year in 2020, and it certainly feels like things are changing in giant leaps rather than the baby steps we have become accustomed to over the last couple of decades.

Long term trends have been accelerated. One is digital transformation, which has seen companies advance their digital plans by seven years. Another is work-life balance. Offices saw a proliferation of chill-out rooms before the pandemic, and flexible working was making headway. But home working through lockdowns provided a powerful usage case for employees and bosses. It became a win-win. Companies can cut the costs of running large offices, and employees save the costs of commuting and gain time back in their days.

As the economy recovers, it is seeing skills gaps emerging across a wide range of sectors. In some industries, the war for talent is driving greater flexibility, four-day weeks and unlimited holidays. For traditional office-based jobs, it seems ‘work’ is increasingly task-based, where time and location are no longer in the equation.

Employers have to redefine their relationships with employees in this brave new world. A happy, motivated, and engaged workforce is created with a shared belief and understanding that they are all working toward a collective objective.

Talented people want to actively contribute to their enterprise’s mission, vision, innovation, and commercial success. And the people best positioned to solve business challenges are those closest to the processes and experiences that most need improvement.

Unlocking this potential in a business-like way needs to be the priority. To help companies achieve this goal, Potentuel has created the Universally Successful Destination model where everyone can align their own desires and goals with the wider business. Effectively aligning their stars to an end goal where everyone wins.

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