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PRsonal: ‘There’s an assumption I have this well-built man!’ - Meet Claire Walton

In this series of podcasts, Charlotte Nichols, managing director of PR agency Harvey & Hugo, gets up close and PRsonal with a variety of well-known business faces. Nothing is off limits as she digs deep to get to know the person behind the professional…

In this episode…

Claire Walton turned to in a bid to find ‘Mr Right’ for her daughter.

And the man who caught her eye did turn out to be perfect – for Claire.

In this episode of PRsonal, the executive coach turned bestselling author opens up to host Charlotte about a love life that has included three marriages and four engagements (including one that lasted just six weeks).

Having first married aged just 18, she shares a lifetime of advice and wisdom as the pair tackle subjects such as domestic violence, divorce and healing.

This is a much watch episode!

Key moments:

  • 0:01:00 - The ‘boring’ reason Claire got married at 18
  • 0:02:12 - Why Claire may have been with her first husband now if they had met when they were older
  • 0:04:30 - ‘The whirlwind romance’ that involved a trip to the Seychelles and a six-week engagement
  • 0:08:05 - ‘Ten weeks later we are getting a divorce’
  • 0:09:01 - How laughter can help through a divorce
  • 0:14:22 - ‘The relationships always ended on my terms’
  • 0:15:41 - ‘I wanted to have a fun – and I had a LOT of fun’
  • 0:17:16 - How a back problem lead to counselling to deal with stress and trauma
  • 0:20:34 - Walking away from a relationship with her mum
  • 0:23:02 - Claire doesn’t have a bucket list, just a list.
  • 0:24:50 - ‘I have done my crying’
  • 0:26:13 - There is no longer a stigma attached to divorce.
  • 0:32:18 - Would Claire get married again?
  • 0:33:52 - People’s ‘physical’ questions about being with a man 20 years younger than her
  • 0:36:11 - ‘I met him on – I was actually looking to find someone for my daughter’
  • 0:39:17 - ‘I wasn’t thinking relationship – I was thinking fun’
  • 0:41:53 - Claire’s message to anyone thinking of starting a relationship with someone much younger
  • 0:42:52 - Why Claire thinks this relationship will last – despite the ‘massive age difference’
  • 0:45:00 - ‘It was a very hard time’: Living in a violent relationship
  • 0:48:22 - Claire ‘snake and venom’analogy about letting go of venomous emotions.
  • 0:49:10 - ‘Can you just imagine carrying around all that baggage?!’
  • 0:50:18 - How Claire has ‘learned to forgive’
  • 0:52:15 - The ‘classic signs’ that acted as red flags for Claire’s abuse
  • 0:56:11 - Claire opens up about her initial reaction to becoming a grandmother.
  • 1:00:30 - ‘My identify is not an old woman!’: Settling on the name “Grammy”
  • 1:01:16 - How good is Claire at cooking, comedy – and sex?!

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