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PRsonal: ‘My dream home turned into a High Court nightmare’: Meet Paul Edwards

In this series of podcasts, Charlotte Nichols, managing director of PR agency Harvey & Hugo, gets up close and PRsonal with a variety of well-known business faces. Nothing is off limits as she digs deep to get to know the person behind the professional...

In this episode…

Paul Edwards thought he was buying his dream house. Instead, he was buying a nightmare.

His saga ended with a High Court Summons, a potential six-figure bill – and a surprise appearance in the Daily Mail.

But that isn’t the only house drama in this engrossing episode of PRsonal, as Paul reveals a spine-tingling encounter he had inside a 200-year-old Georgian property in Newcastle. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of our most captivating episodes of PRsonal to date. 


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