CBD drinks brand bolsters growth ambitions with Waitrose distribution deal

As part of our 2023 Retail Week coverage, in association with Metrocentre, we hear from Goodrays CBD, which has increased its distribution with Waitrose after a bumper period of sales since launching with the retailer.

The entire Goodrays range, seven SKUS in total, will now be available nationwide in-store and online, and the sparkling 250ml Goodrays drinks will continue to be a part of the Meal Deal offer.

Goodrays founder Eoin Keenan believes the success of the trial was in part to the Meal Deal drinks inclusion and success of the recently introduced Waitrose Functional Drinks bay, showing that “the consumers’ thirst for functional drinks shows no signs of subsiding”.

The announcement comes as Neilsen reports that CBD is the best performing category within the functional drinks space. The British brand’s mission is to make CBD accessible for all and the news of the increased distribution goes a long way in supporting its ethos.

The Meal Deal is currently the most cost-effective way of accessing high quality CBD on the market, 45 per cent of Goodrays single can sales now come through the Meal Deal and sales suggest repeat purchase via the functional drinks bay.

Eoin Keenan commented: “It has been a joy to work with the UK’s most premium retailer bringing high-quality and innovative CBD products to the mainstream. Big thanks to Waitrose for backing us. Our recent trial of the CBD Drinks mixpack on the functional drinks fixture in Waitrose was overwhelmingly successful.

“It was the best performing drinks multipack in the trial and we’re confident that success will continue across the entire range as we move into deeper distribution. We’ve heard from customers that they have been introduced to the category and the brand via the meal deal and they’ve become regular customers from this entry point.

The increase in distribution will be supported with ongoing marketing support from Goodrays. As consumers become more educated on CBD and its benefits, Goodrays believes customers will continue to seek out brands that offer higher dose products that offer the best value for money.

Eoin added: “This is a milestone for us and our mission to educate around CBD usage and the impact it can have in the reduction of stress and anxiety, and a way to find relaxation in our chaotic lives.

“We currently offer a market leading dose of CBD per drink at 30mg, this unique proposition is what we’ll continue to shout about in 2024, and hope that this element will bring new, experimental customers to the category ongoing.

This article is part of Bdaily’s 2023 Retail Week, in association with Metrocentre.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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